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laser tag v2

laser tag v2.0

04/07/05 Laser Tag v2.0 features:
  • intelligently redesigned with the future in mind - expandability, cost, and power consumption all considered

  • cables eliminated via the Grab and Go glove-serial system, allowing players to literally grab an item and activate it (weapons, spawn stations, flags, mines, anything)

  • realistic, customizable, high output sounds without the use of expensive sound chips - using a few caps, resistors, and a cheap LM386 amplifier, sound is generated directly by the main microcontroller, converted from wav files

  • redesigned base network allows for better in-game stats and more complicated missions with in game special effects

I'm currently working on some PCB designs and framework code.


Media will be posted as it is created.


Circuit boards with some stuff soldered to them:

some circuit boards

suit front board

suit back board

And a PCB fuser from a hacked up, dead LaserWriter 8500.