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CombatSim v0.2

laser tag

A fairly simple but expandable laser tag system, designed from scratch and controlled by Atmel AVR microcontrollers (1200/2313). Primary goals include reliability and low production cost, all while maintaining the ability to aid in simulation of tactical combat. Essentially, an extremely awesome laser tag system. Features I ultimately hope to include:

* rechargeable ammo clips, possibly medkits

* networked bases and capture points

* limited team respawn tickets (scoreboard)

* simu-explosives: grenades, claymore mines, etc

* stationary weapons, such as machine guns

* other accessories: hacking terminals, etc

Code and Media:
01.04.05: vest.c and gun.c - code for gun and vest, written for ICCAVR
01.16.05: Various sketches: respawn (1), respawn (2), grenades, base
02.09.05: Painstakingly crafted asm code for the capture point; photos of prototypes coming really soon!
03.07.05: Finally! Embarrassing prototype pictures!


From left to right: capture point, team base, helmet, admin activator (modded remote control), vest, 

"phaser" (school safe!), me being ridiculous while capturing a base, me being ridiculous while aiming at the camera.

The Zachtronics Industries Advanced Technology Summit 2005 might happen soon.

Regardless, I'll eventually get around to scanning in the informational packets I produced a few weeks ago.


03.09.05: Aforementioned packet pages: system and microcontroller diagrams